Designed & developed the hit iPad app that allows anyone to create beautifully crafted eCards.

Product Design   |   Visual Design   |   Engineering


Defining the look

The magic of CardBuilder is that it allows anyone, regardless of age or design ability, to create beautiful content.

The primary challenge was in designing an elegant, robust foundation allowing users to easily create an eCard.

Here's how I responded to the challenge:

1. I organized the app into two distinct sections.

• The storefront: where users choose card templates.

• The creation zone: where users customize their card.

2. I provided tasteful graphic templates that users can easily customize.

3. I utilized sliding menus to maintain a focused user workspace.



The user journey

Building an eCard should be organic. The interface was designed to encourage a natural, creative progression through the use of core mobile technologies such as automatic memory management and multi-touch.

These technologies allow the user journey to progress fluidly without limitations. 



Customization features

A clear user-focused creation space empowers users with customization options that aren’t overwhelming.

The interface provides opportunity for users to express personality without feeling overloaded. I accomplished this through segmented user-interface controls and distinct design stages.



The finished product

CardBuilder is designed so that anyone can create beautiful eCards. 

What could otherwise be a clunky, overwhelming interface is clear, concise, and straightforward thanks to thoughtful design.

I'm proud of the end result.