Great music can be hard to find. Revrb is a conceptual app that brings undiscovered music straight to the fans. It's not just about any up-and-coming band. It's about music you'll love. It's that new favorite artist. It's the song that rocks your world.

This is music that matters. This is Revrb.


Setting the beat

With countless music discovery apps fighting for the attention of modern listeners, I designed an elegant interface that focuses on what matters most . . . connection to the music.

There were a couple exclusive key goals for the app:

• Users should be able to discover great new music with ease.

• The interface should be optimized for on-the-go music discovery.



Music Discovery

The primary challenge was implementing a creative solution for music discovery. It needed to be intuitive, fast, and elegant.

My initial design incorporated a discovery feature similar to the scrolling banner images in the iTunes store.



While a great idea on the surface, it had a few flaws. Here's what I found:

• It just wasn't unique enough to capture the attention of the target audience. Revrb needed an iconic identifier.

• It became tiring to swipe horizontally over a long period of time. The thumb anatomy naturally caters to vertical swiping gestures in one-handed mobile situations. 

After trial and error, I ended up settling on a vertical page flipping feature (inspired by an office rolodex.)



Here’s why I like it:

• It's iconic. It provides a unique interface element differentiating it from other music apps.

• It’s layered. This layering effect orients the user within the discovery process.

• It’s intuitively engaging. One-handed vertical page flipping feels great on mobile devices.

The end result is that users can discover great music with a simple flick. It feels right. And it places the music center stage. Where it belongs.




Music is diverse. Energy and emotion flow differently between each song. In order to capture the fluctuating range in energy, I placed musical imagery front and center.

The end result is an interface filled with large, sweeping images that create an ever-changing visual connection to the content.



The finished product

With Revrb, I set out to create a platform where music discovery reigns supreme.

I wanted to create an app where users can discover great music, while on-the-go, with ease. Ultimately, I accomplished this through an interactive design, and a clean, focused user-interface.

Revrb is a place where content discovery becomes the star. It's loud. It's in your face.

It's visual music.