John Cotant


Designer and developer of the children's iPad app that brings Magic to your fingertips.



Designed & developed the groundbreaking iPad app that brings Magic to your fingertips.

Product Design   |   Visual Design   |   Audio Design   |   Engineering


Creating the magic

Apps should be magical. That's why I created Presto - a new type of interactive app for all ages.

Inspired by the main street magic shop at Disneyland, I created a digital experience where seeing is believing.



The challenge

My primary concern was designing an immersive themed environment that naturally utilizes state-of-the-art technology.

Here's how I responded to the challenge:

1. I created 4 featured magic tricks: face-morphing camera, voice-changing microphone, gravity-defying balls, multi-touch pixie dust.

2. I designed and developed robust and innovative mechanical systems for each trick.

3. I produced moodboards to define a distinct visual language that would immerse users in a magical environment. 



A magical story

Behind every magic trick is a great story.

I handcrafted short stories for each magical experience. This provides depth to the app and gives context to each trick.



The finished product

Presto was one of the most challenging projects I've developed. It's unassumingly simple to use, but it incorporates some of the most advanced technology in the mobile app space.

I'm proud of the end result. It's immersive, innovative, and of course . . . magical.