John Cotant


Independently designed & developed the award-winning iPad app used by teachers and students throughout the world.

Defining The Look

Defining The Look

The magic of StoryBuddy is that it allows anyone, regardless of age or design ability, to create beautiful content.

The primary challenge was in designing an elegant, robust foundation allowing users to bring their story to life.

Here's how I responded to the challenge:

1. I organized the app into three distinct sections.

• The library: where users manage stories.

• The creation zone: where users build stories.

• The reader: where users read stories.

2. I provided tasteful graphic elements users can integrate into their designs.

3. I utilized color, UI popover menus, and multi-touch to maintain a focused user workspace.

Creating a Story

Creating a Story

One of the more challenging problems I encountered was ensuring that the "creation zone" did not become a "distraction zone."

Here's how I approached it:

• I incorporated a blueprint-inspired color palette separating the UI elements from user generated content. This keeps things simple.

• I added a storyline sidebar. This provides an organized structure for users to view and manage the pages within their story.

• I utilized hierarchal interface elements. These elements are presented on an as-need basis. This keeps the interface clutter-free.

The User Journey

The User Journey

Building a story should be organic. The interface was designed to encourage a natural, creative progression through the use of core mobile technologies such as automatic memory management and multi-touch.

These technologies allow the user journey to progress fluidly, without limitations.

The Details

The Details

It's the little elements that make a big difference.

For example, the keyboard takes on a hint of color providing cohesion between the interface and the users content.

The user may not recognize the subtle details. But they will always feel them.

The Finished Product

The Finished Product

StoryBuddy has its own unique story. It's a simple idea that grew into a bestseller.

I wanted to create a platform that makes it easy for users to connect the dots. After all, telling a story is really about connecting the dots . . . for others and for ourselves.